COVID-19 Self-Assessment

This self-assessment has been put forth for all public, staff and operators entering our facilities.
This must be completed and submitted before entering any JP Towing facilities.
All information provided is kept private and confidential, for further information see our privacy page.

Why do i have to do this?

This self-assessment is to ensure that anyone entering our facilities does not have any symptoms and potentially spreading the virus to others. 

What if i have one symptom and i need my car?

If you have one or more symptoms before entering, call our office and we can provide you with information on how to retrieve your vehicle safely and without exposing others. 

Do i have to put my real information?

We recommend you fill out the self-assessment with truthful information. This is to ensure that if any thing should arise from an exposure we can keep accurate contact tracing information. Your information is kept private and confidential, it will only be used for contact purposes in a case of exposure.

What information do i have to give?

Basic information is required from everyone.

Such As: Name, Phone number, Email


Further Info On Covid-19 can be found on the Ontario Public Health Website

COVID-19 Self-Assessment

The questions in this tool have been defined by the Ministry of Health. Using this specific online tool to answer the questions is optional and is not tracked or enforced. Screening is not required for emergency services or other first responders entering a workplace for emergency purposes.

This screening tool is not applicable to health care settings (including long-term care homes), and some non-health care workplaces (for example, retirement homes, other congregate living settings, schools and child care) where existing screening requirements and tools are already in place.

This screening cannot diagnose you. If you have medical questions, consult a health care provider. Follow the direction of your local public health unit over the advice in this tool.

Please read questions and answers before selecting, once you select you cannot undo the selections